WASAI Tambopata Lodge is located in the heart of the amazon, approximately 50 Km. away from Puerto Maldonado in a straight line, and approximately 120 Km. on the river route, in the heart of the Tambopata Candamo National Reserve . On the banks of the Tambopata River it is surrounded by primary rainforest and is a place of natural beauty.
There are 20km of forest trails around the lodge and it is also possible to visit the local community of Baltimore, the El Gato Waterfalls, and collpas of parrots and mammals. Fishing is also possible. Up-river from the lodge there are no more dwellings. The lack of people and the closeness to the Andes produces an abundance of flora and fauna not seen in other areas f the amazon.

There are different tours and activities to enjoy in the lodge and surrounded; you can practice kayak, fishing, tree climbing, wildlife observation.
In these tours we will offer you an unforgettable river journey to The upper Tambopata river, very far from Puerto Maldonado, deep in the peruvian amazon and near to the Andean slope, where the amazon joint the Andes. This isolated jungle area is known as the richest place in the world in terms of biodiversity, and with the most amazing rainforest landscapes.
A new way to enjoy an eco tourism trip in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. An eco tour that will allow you to learn about the Amazon jungle in an unforgettable experience, combining trekking, kayaking adventure and many other different activities surrounded by the amazing rainforest and the best amazon lodge.

Wasai Facilities

Accomodation for up to 40 people (4 large bungalows with two person rooms with private bathrooms, mosquito nets, etc and 3 smaller two person bungalows). These bungalows are constructed in the typical style for the region (ie wood with palm rooves)

Camping Area.

Central Lodge building with Dining Area, Kitchen, Toilets, Common Areas to Relax, Hammocks, Research Centre/Library.

Radio Communications.


River Transportation.

Expert full time local guides.

Fishing Equipment.

Canoes and kayaks