Amazon Lodges

Brasil Amazon

The Amazon rainforest covers 7 out of the 27 Brazilian states, holding 39% of Brazil's 3,3 million square miles of area, which means that 1,28 million sq miles of the Amazon is located in Brazil. It is possible to spot: Several species of monkeys ruling the canopy, caiman, river dolphins, manatee, river otters, jaguars with much luck, piranha, electric eels & the giant Anaconda. Birdlife is abundant Araras, parakeets, macaws, nightjars, hoatzins, jacanas, crakes, ibis, herons, kingfishers & hundreds of species of insects. 

Peru Amazon

Peru currently has roughly 5 percent of its territory protected by a system of around 50 national parks, reserves, sanctuaries and other designated areas in the Amazon. Amazon travel in Peru has developed well since it begun in the 1960s. Two reserves popular with travel, the Manu Biosphere Reserve and the Tambopata-Candamo Reserved Zone, can be found in Peru's southern Amazon rainforest while the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve (the largest reserve in the entire Amazon rainforest basin) can be found in the northern jungle and accessed from Iquitos.

Ecuador Amazon

The Amazon rainforest or jungle region, located to the east of the Ecuador Andes,  is one of the most accessible and travel - friendly areas of the upper Amazon basin, the biologically richest area anywhere on earth.  There are innumerable varieties of flora, including many of Ecuador's 4,500 species of orchids, and many plants with medicinal value.  Wildlife travel to Ecuador's Amazon allows the possibility to view butterflies, bats, monkeys, sloths, parrots, macaws, river dolphins and caimans.

Bolivia Amazon

Inside of Madidi National Park, the beautiful indigenous community-owned Amazon Chalalan ecolodge is located. The Chalalan Ecolodge stands in the Tuichi valley on the shore of the magnificent Chalalán Lagoon in the middle of pristine forest. The lodge combines elegance and comfort in an ecological way by using local materials with respect for the natural surroundings, using rainforest materials, solar energy, and intensive protection of the lake and maintaining the traditional building styles of a local community.

Amazon Lodges - what to expect?

At our mission is to help YOU when trying to book or organize expedition travel into the Amazon rainforest basin.

Our website contains information about several Lodges located in the Amazon Basin: Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador & Peru, and what to expect when you plan to enjoy a tour into the worlds greatest wilderness. We can help you by:

  • Arrange travel to and from your departure port.
  • Book side tours and internal flights.
  • Select a tour itinerary that matches your interests.
  • Offer you a discounted rate on all tour departures.
  • Act as your bilingual travel representatives in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador or Peru
  • Organize taylor made tours and custom travel for individuals or groups of any size or special interest.
  • Help individual travellers join into fixed departures on Amazon river boat cruises that usually operate on a charter basis only.

The top ten reasons to book a program in a Jungle Lodge:

  • Flexible tours that allow to reach the best trails depending on time of the year and wildlife sightings.
  • Greatest wilderness known to man.
  • A paradise for birdwatchers.
  • The worlds largest pharmacy with thousands of medicinal plants.
  • In depth cultural travel experiences with indigenous tribes.
  • All inclusive tour experience - all meals, guided excursions and lectures are included.
  • Bilingual expert naturalist guides
  • Great oportunity for wild animals encounters
  • By visiting Amazon lodges you support the ecotourism as a way of life helping protect the rainforest.
  • You can combine your trip with many other interesting sites in South America.  

The Amazon rainforest and its river basin are the largest producer of fresh air on the planet and home of the most biodiverse region. In the Amazon rainforest you can find thousands of insects, birds, plants and of course several species of mamals, reptiles and fish.

This region of South America has enticed the most avid explorers from all walks of life, from the most adventure travel driven individuals to those who where not so shure.

By joining an Amazon lodge based tour you can maintain those creature comforts while you get in close contact with nature and its mysteries. So for those of you who are not so shure, we can help you by giving you a comfortable and safe travel program. Our expeditions are suitable for all people and all ages, we organize all tours to your ability and interest.

Browse our Amazon travel website and find all the information you need to plan your trip. We hope our maps and Amazon lodge information are usefull and you find that travel to the Amazon is fun, safe and easy.