Tambopata Research
Tambopata Research
The Tambopata Research Center is a comfortable 18 bedroom lodge situated by one of the world's largest Macaw Claylicks on the uninhabited frontier of the Tambopata National Reserve and the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park.

Indeed as the founding venture of Rainforest Expeditions, it was established to aid the protection of these magnificent birds and has a long-term research project to ensure the survival of their populations. It is unrivalled in its access to pristine Amazonian forests, having no neighbours, and due to its distance from human populations requires a stopover in Refugio Amazonas.

The TRC’s greatest attraction is the rainforest – and creatures – that surround it. Species you have a strong chance of spotting during your stay include:
  • Macaws - The largest known macaw clay-lick in the Amazon is 500 yards from the lodge.
  • Dusky headed titi monkeys
  • Squirrel monkeys
  • Brown capuchin monkeys
  • Howler monkeys
  • Spider monkeys
  • Capybara
  • Caiman
  • Agouti
Although very difficult to see, jaguars, tapirs and herds of peccary are also occasionally glimpsed by guests
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