Pacaya Samiria

Pacaya-Samiria Amazon Lodge is one of the most exclusive lodges in the Peruvian Amazon and a heaven for visitors in search of a quiet retreat. From this unique place, our guests can visit the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, which is the largest protected natural area in Peru.

The Pacaya - Samiria National Reserve has a great and unique variety of flora and fauna, and is also known as the "Jungle of the Mirrors" due to the fact that the jungle and the sky are reflected so clearly in the dark waters of the rivers and lakes, that the visitors have the sensation of navigating throughout endless mirrors of water.

There, visitors will also have the chance to observe exotic pink dolphin of the Amazon at their natural habitat. Activities also include visits to the local communities, hikes in primary rainforest, observation of flora and fauna, birdwatching, canoe rides, fishing and many more. Also, the visit to the confluence of the Marañon and Ucayali rivers where the Amazonas river is born. You can enjoy the spectacular view from a 100 feet watching tower.


Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge offers birdwatching programs to two protected natural areas in the Peruvian Amazon: The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and the Allpahuayo – Mishana National Reserve.

The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve (PSNR) is the largest protected area in the peruvian amazon. It has 449 species of birds registered, grouped in 288 geniuses and 61 families. Half of the registered birds belong to the order Passeriformes and, among them, the family Tyrannidae has 55 species. In the PSNR, there are different kind of habitats, with the predominance of birds in aquatic habitats. Same importance have the migratory species, due to the existence of lakes and swamps. Eight migratory species have been identified, belonging to the Pandionidae, Scolopacidae and Tyrannidae family.

The Allpahuayo – Mishana Nacional Reserve (AMNR), located 20 km. from the city of Iquitos, was created in 1999 and has a total area of 57,600 hectares. It has a high biological diversity and the most extended white-sand forest in the Peruvian Amazon. There are 475 species of birds that have been registered, some of them white-sand forest specialist and only known in this area. Among them, we can mention the "Ancient Antwren" (Herpsilochmus gentryi), “Mishana Tyrannulet” (Zimmerius villarejoi); “Allpahuayo Antbird” (Percnostola arenarum), “Northern Chesnut-tailed Antbird” (Myrmeciza castanea centuculorum), “Pompadour Cotinga” (Xipholena punicea) and the "Saffron-crested Tyrant-Manakin" (Neopelma chrysocephalum).

Relation of new species of birds discovered in the AMNR:

• Herpsilochmus gentryi (Ancient Antwren)
• Zimmerius villarejoi (Mishana Tyrannulet)
• Percnostola arenarum (Allpahuayo Antbird)
• Myrmeciza castanea centuculorum (Northern Chesnut-tailed Antbird)

New species of birds in Peru or very rare, which have their habitat in the AMNR:

• Crypturellus duidae (Gray-Iegged Tinamou)
• Nyctibius leucopterus (White-winged Potoo)
• Nyctibius bracteatus (Rufous Potoo)
• Nyctiprogne leucopyga (Band-tailed Nighthawk)
• Notharcus ordii (Brown-banded Puffbird)
• Hemitriccus minimus (Zimmer's Tody-Tyrant)
• Platyrinchus saturatus (Cinnamon-crested spadebill)
• Conopias parva (Yellow-throated Flycatcher)
• Neopelma chrysocephalum (Saffron-crested Tyrant-Manakin)
• Xipholena punicea (Pompadour Cotinga)
• Neopipo cinnamomea (Cinnamon Tyrant-Manakin)

Pacaya Samiria Lodge Facilities

Surrounded by abundant rainforest, Pacaya-Samiria Amazon Lodge has been built in accordance with the architecture of the zone and offers comfortable bungalows with private bathroom and terrace with view to the river. Connecting elevated walkways lead to our club-house, dining room, hammock room, watch-towers and hiking paths.

>> Meals: At our restaurant, visitors can enjoy international and regional cuisine, as well as bar service. Meals consist of soups and appetizers, salads, main course, pasta, dessert, fresh fruits, coffee or tea. We provide also drinking water to our visitors.

>> Electricity: Electricity is only available at night. Schedule from 6pm. to 11pm.

>> Others: We do have a library and a small boutique with hancrafted items and souvenirs.