Muyuna Lodge is located 140 kilometers from Iquitos, up the Amazon River.  This is a small rainforest lodge, secluded, intimate, that GUARANTEES the observation of monkeys, birds, sloths, pink dolphins, fish, caimans, etc., in their own habitat.
The bungalows are comfortable.  They have en suite bathrooms and terraces facing the river.  As the lodge is small, the personalized service quality is comparable with luxury hotels, always maintaining respect to the environment.

Muyuna maintains a tight relationship with San Juan de Yanayacu village, which benefits from ecotourism in the zone


The excursions that can be made in Muyuna are:

  • Walk to learn about medicinal plants and their uses.
  • Walk to look for monkeys, sloths, mammals, etc. in its own natural habitat.
  • Nocturnal hikes to look for nocturnal animals (alligators, toads, frogs, insects, snakes, spiders and fireflies).  Rather do it by boat or canoe, for as close to Muyuna are many animals, it is safer to it do on the water.
  • Visit the community of San Juan de Yanayacu.
  • Canoe trips along the tributaries and ten lakes near Muyuna.
  • Piranha fishing in rivers and lakes.
  • Tour in the early morning to watch birds.
  • Swim with the gray and pink dolphins in the Amazon River and lakes.
  • Breakfast on the boat to enjoy the sunrise watching the dolphins jumping around.
  • Camping in virgin jungle.
  • Visit to the beaches and islands of the Amazon in the dry season.
  • See the Victoria Regia, the biggest aquatic plant in the world.
  • Find the prehistoric bird "shansho."
  • Find the Crax globulosa (wattled curassow), a bird thought to be extinct and the only place in America you can see it is at Muyuna!!
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