Simply the best wildlife destination in the Amazon   

By far the richest, most extraordinary biological transect in the Peruvian Amazon, or the world, starts in Cusco and runs northeast by road and river to the great Manu Wilderness.

Manu offers by far the greatest quantity and diversity of animals and plants in the world. No other destination in Peru or beyond can compare with Manu Nowhere else can you enjoy a superbly intact transect of tropical habitats from Andean grasslands and cloud forests down to foothill and lowland forests

Manu boasts the highest bird, mammal, and plant diversity of any park on Earth, including 1,000 of the world's 9,700 bird species, 200 species of mammals, and 15,000 species of flowering plants. The most photogenic spectacles are frolicking Giant Otters, 1,000 parrots and macaws at a riverbank clay lick, dancing Cocks-of-the-Rock, habituated monkeys, and huge Lowland Tapirs at a forest clay lick.

Manu Lodge Facilities

Guests at Manu Paradise Lodge enjoy comfortable rooms with panoramic windows and features not found at many cloud forest lodges. In addition to the well-equipped rooms, we offer exterior porches with telescopes for observing wildlife. And all of this tucked across from the Kosñipata River.


Our facility has two madular homes onsite. One is two levels with four guest rooms, and rollaway beds are available for additional guests. The second building has three double rooms on the first and third floors, all of them complete with dining and cooking areas. All rooms offer a view of the river.

Our total capacity is 19 people when lodged in double or triple accomodation.

Every guest room has a private bath, 24-hour hot water, open construction and panoramic views.

Electricity (220 volts) is available 6-9 p.m.

Telescopes are available for observing flora, fauna and fowl.