Amazon Yarapa
Amazon Yarapa

Meet the local tribal Indians. See the pygmy marmoset monkeys. Hear the dolphins break the water's surface for air. Smell the hoatzin bird. Touch the smooth bark of a native rubber tree. Taste exotic fruits. Overwhelm your senses in this incredible adventure.

We are dedicated to protecting our environment. We have partnered with the local tribes and government to set aside a huge natural reserve. Because we have vowed to not develop it, we are ensuring that the surrounding rainforest will remain pristine and intact. Also, the Amazon Yarapa River Lodge uses earth-friendly resources, including solar powering, composting, and flush toilets with a waste management system.

Our lodge has been built with local materials and local design ideas, for a perfect balance of rustic adventure yet comfortable quarters. Roofs and walkways are thatch covered, providing a natural cooling system from the tropical heat.

Guests can choose from a wide range of activities. Embark unforgettable adventures, including guided hikes, wildlife viewing boat rides, piranha fishing, and paddles in a genuine Amazon canoe. Then come home to the comforts of the lodge… enjoy delicious local cuisine in our screened in dining area… and relax in our hammock house that overlooks the river.

It's a complex ecosystem like no other. We invite you to join us in an amazing voyage into the Amazon rainforest.

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4 days / 3 nights