Jamu Lodge is a private owned lodge in the Cuyabeno Reserve where guests can enjoy a variety of activities. It’s located along the Cuyabeno River, 15 minutes away from the spectacular Laguna Grande.
The lodge practices a policy of minimum environmental impact. All cabins are lit naturally with candles to preserve the feeling of being in a remote jungle. Solar panels provide the property with electricity and are used to operate all electronic devices. All inorganic material is removed from the reserve regularly and organic material is composted to contribute with the less impact possible. Additionally, all of the wastewater coming from the lodge is treated using natural enzymes and bacteria completing a full recycling system. The true eco-tourism policy is intended to make the visitors stay as comfortable as possible, while preserving the beauty of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve for the future.
Jamu Lodge consists of nine cabins, built in a traditional, rustic style with thatched-roofs and elevated walkways. Six of them are divided into two bedrooms each with two beds and its own private bathroom including hot and cold water service. One large cabin hosts four rooms (up to 5 people per room) with space for 20 people in total. In our two-story cabin, guests will find a spacious dining area and hammock lounge.

Jamu Lodge Facilities - Activities

• Jungle trekking
• Bird watching
• Catch and release fishing
• Caiman watching
• Paddling kayak or native canoes
• Visit to the Siona Community
• Swimming in Laguna Grande
• Guided night walks