Casa del Suizo
Casa del Suizo

La Casa del Suizo is conveniently situated on the Banks of the Napo river and next to the small indigenous community of Ahuano. The lodge is completely surrounded by the beautiful lush rainforest. Our previous visitors from all parts of the world visited us with the wish to discover and get to know one of the most biologically diverse part of the world. La Casa del Suizo has managed spectacularly to combine his amenities, rooms and facilities with the natural wonders which you can find in all its surroundings.

All the excursions at Casa del Suizo are guided by guides that are natives to the area. They poses over a wide knowledge and experience of the medicinal plants of the rainforest and other plants for general use. All the programs include a bilingual guide.

A typical day at the Casa del Suizo starts with a good breakfast which will be taken early in the morning. Subsequently, the visitor can choose of a wide variety of activities.

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