Amazon Emotions Lodge

The exclusive-use Amazon Emotions Lodge is an authentic, rustic-chic and comfortable rainforest accommodation. A center for ecotourism, research, and conservation, ideal for both families and small groups, the accommodations are welcoming and private hideaway in the Amazon. According to the number of days at the lodge, a special schedule is designed to experience the Amazon, with safety and comfort.

Learn about the land and its people, too: tour a fruit orchard, enjoy Amazonian dishes rich in ingredients that you have never even seen before, and find inspiration in local conservation efforts that are restoring landscapes to their original native beauty. Amazon is full of wonders—discover them on a rare ecotourism adventure off the standard tourist track. We believe that the greatest luxury of all is experience!


Amazon glamping

The Amazon Glamping, an exclusive dream offered only through Amazon Emotions, combines a flavor of the nomadic Amazonian traditional way of life with immersive outdoor accommodations that embrace their natural surroundings while featuring indoor luxuries and our commitment to sustainability.

At our fixed and mobile camps we accommodate any up to 16 guests, ranging from couples, friends to large families and everything in-between our upscale canvas tents provide the perfect respite surrounded by the beauty of nature. In partnership with Cécile, a French Parisian interior design architect actually creates unique and refined interiors to top off the experience.


  • King size bed and luxe linens
  • Lounge area
  • Bathroom with shower, sink and flushing toilet
  • Outdoor lounge chairs
  • 360° netting panoramic views and maximum ventilation
Suite features


Description Suite


  • USB Battery Packs
  • Organic Bath Products
  • Exclusive Furnishings
  • Camp Activities
  • Adventures Concierge
  • On-site Dining


At Amazon Emotions, we believe wholesome and nutritious food fuels adventure, fosters community and enhances your overall experience at camp. We offer an ever-changing menu that embraces both seasonality and locally sourced produce, featuring full board with fresh salads, local river fishes and even kid-friendly nosh.

From social beverage hours in your wooden deck, we’ve made it our mission to provide you with an elevated dining experience that feeds your connection to the outdoors and those around you. Food allergies and intolerances may be accommodated.


Unplug for two nights or more at our remote fixed camp located in Presidente Figueiredo, about two-hour drive journey from Manaus for a nature experience, or delve deep into the essence of indigenous knowledge through contact with their culture, including food, dress, and language in secluded São Gabriel da Cachoeira. There will be more new immersive camp locations soon.

FIXED CAMP (All Year Round)

Fixed Camp

If you want to experience rainforest glamping in Amazon, you can choose a private camp set up just for you and your party. Our fixed Amazon Glamping can accommodate up to 3 tents offering double, twin, triple and quadruple beds.


  • Visit a waterfall
  • Hiking on dry-land forest
  • Guided nocturnal wildlife tour
  • Hammock camping in the woods
  • Jungle picnic
  • Birdwatching
  • Indigenous handcrafts workshop
  • ainforest to table culinary experience
  • Observation of bioluminescent
  • Mushrooms
  • Identification of medicinal plants

MOBILE CAMPS (From July to December)

Mobile Camps

Amazon Glamping in São Gabriel da Cachoeira or the location of your choise in Amazon. Live your unique rustic-charm mobile glamping experience in comfort and style in the location of your choice. We can accommodate up to 5 tents.


  • Hiking & Canoening
  • Indigenous village visit
  • Night walk
  • Route of the indigenous artisans
  • Dyeing plant fibers
  • Basketry workshop
  • Culinary highlight
  • Hands-on cultural inmersion