Amazon Ecopark
Amazon Ecopark

AMAZON ECOPARK Jungle Lodge is a touristic, scientific and educational property, created and directed by a private initiative back in 1991, opening its doors to the public as an Ecotourism Lodge in 1995. Several streams of clear water run through the area. Over 6 miles of jungle trails including un-catalogued species, natural savannahs and creeks enable clients to explore the jungle, observe orchids and giant trees.

Close to the lodge is the Primate Rehabilitation Center, a center for primates brought to this local by IBAMA when confiscated from illegal sales and exports. At this location, primates are initially kept in quarantine in order to be evaluated and treated by veterinarians and biologists. After a period of time, primates are reintroduced to the jungle.

During the years that this project has been in action, a twice a day food program was developed to feed the primates, (always at 11:00 a/m and 05:00 p/m). During the feeding process, this area is opened to visitors under the supervision of guides and specialized staff, guests of Ecopark Jungle Lodge can observe film and photograph the animals in a total and safe environment.

The Amazon Ecopark Lodge is located at the Tarumã river bank - a tributary of the Rio Negro - in the Amazon Jungle and only 30 minutes by boat from Manaus. All packages include transfers from/to Manaus airport or hotels. Land transfers are operated in air conditioned cars, vans or deluxe buses. The river cruise transfer is operated on board the Ecopark lodge's own regional boats. Transfers are operated 24 hours a day at no additional cost.

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