Madidi Jungle

Get in touch with nature. We are located in of the most biodiverse places in the planet, the Madidi National Park in Bolivia.

Madidi Jungle Ecolodge is an innovative community based ecotourism venture. Four indigenous families from the community of San Jose of Uchupiamonas started the project. San Jose of Uchupiamonas is a Communal Land Territory (TCO Uchupiamonas in Spanish) that spans 210 thousand hectares of forest within the Madidi protected area, in the Amazon area of Bolivia.

This Indigenous Ecotourism venture seeks to strengthen the conservation and protection of the natural and cultural resources of the area. For more than three hundred years our Uchupiamona ancestors have inhabited the Tuichi River Valley, surrounded by its magic and beauty. Our ancestors envisioned the conservation of these resources for current and future generation to enjoy.


Madidi Jungle Ecolodge